Sishu Fertility Clinic

Mrs.Prabina Shrestha

Mrs. Prabina Shrestha is a vital member of the Sishu team as a Patient Care and Counselor. With her compassionate and empathetic nature, she has been instrumental in helping patients feel at ease and providing them with the support they need during their fertility journey.

Prabina has a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges that patients face when dealing with infertility. She takes the time to listen to patients and their concerns, providing them with personalized care and counseling to help them make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Aside from her work at Sishu, Prabina has a passion for travel, dance, and reading books. She believes that these hobbies help her maintain a healthy work-life balance, allowing her to bring a positive and energetic attitude to her work.

In her role as a Patient Care and Counselor, Prabina is responsible for providing support and guidance to patients throughout their treatment journey. She helps couples understand the different treatment options available to them and ensures that they are well-informed throughout the process. Her dedication and commitment to her patients have made her a valued member of the Sishu team.

Overall, Prabina is a kind, caring, and empathetic individual who is passionate about helping others. Her dedication to her work and her patients, coupled with her positive attitude and love for life, make her an inspiration to all who know her.