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Male factor infertility is one of the common infertility issues that prevents many couples from achieving the dream of becoming a parent. In the same way, many women are also not able to fulfill the dream of starting a family because they do not have a male partner. For those clients, Donor Sperm is the ideal solution. 

For pregnancy through Donor Sperm, the sperm of the third-party donor is used. The clients can choose to use the sperm from known persons or anonymous donors. In case of the selection of an anonymous donor, the sperm is arranged from a sperm bank.  

When to Consider?

  • When the client is single women
  • When a woman has a same-sex partner
  • When the male partner’s sperm is unable to fertilize an egg
  • When the male partner produces insufficient sperm
  • When the client has a history of a genetic disorder
  • When men suffer testicular failure
  • When the male partner is going through the cancer treatment  

The Insemination Process

  • Donor Sperm for IVF

For the use of the Donor Sperm in the IVF process, the patient first requires to prepare eggs with the use of fertility medications. The produced eggs are then retrieved to work with the donor sperm to form embryos. After embryo formation, they are transferred to the patient’s uterus to conceive.

  • Donor Sperm for IUI

For the use of the Donor Sperm with the IUI process, the donor sperm is directly inserted into the uterus of the patient. The process is carried out during the time of the ovulation.