Sishu Fertility Clinic


Choosing the right fertility clinic is a crucial decision as it can significantly impact your fertility treatment journey. At Sishu Fertility Clinic, we understand the physical and emotional impact that infertility can make on an individual and commitment.

We are focused on offering patients the highest quality of care and treatment. We ensure total support throughout the journey of treatment.  

At Sishu Fertility Clinic, we are a highly motivated and experienced team of fertility specialists who have come together to present the best possible treatment and experience during the most emotional time of your life. Our team is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. With advanced laboratory services, the Shishu team ensures that your diagnostic tests are accurate and consistent to aid in the most effective treatment plan.  

Here are just a few reasons that set Shishu apart from others. 

High Success Rate

With a skilled team of experts, the most advanced technologies, and individualized treatment plans, Sishu Fertility Clinic stands out from others in terms of a high success rate. 

In the short period, we have achieved success in assisting various age groups of women including those with late years of marriage in their 30s. We are also happy to have successfully helped the women in their menopausal phase. We pride ourselves to contribute in the life of people and on sharing the most precious moments with our clients.  

Team of Experts

At Sishu Fertility Clinic, our highly dynamic team is led by Dr. Sumi Munakarmi who is a gold medalist with an MD degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology from NAMS and an MBBS degree from Nanjing Medical University in China.  

The highly qualified team of doctors and specialists at Sishu ensures the safest, most advanced IVF treatment and the best IVF center in Nepal for our clients. All the members of the team have achieved excellence in studies and academics and are committed to providing a high level of care and treatment to all individual patients. Moreover, our team members understand the emotional challenges surrounding reproductive concerns. This is why our team offers personalized counseling and works closely with individuals to design solutions based on the latest scientific studies and research.  

Individualized Care

Every patient is unique and Sishu understands the importance of addressing the special needs and circumstances of every individual. We understand when it comes to fertility treatment, the treatment is not the same for all patients. For this reason, we conduct a study of the patient’s history and current circumstances to develop a perfectly personalized treatment plan for every individual. 

Working closely with each patient, we make sure that we identify the exact underlying cause of infertility. After all, accurate diagnosis is crucial to develop a customized treatment plan. During the treatment plan, we consider the many important factors including your medical history, current medical status, and lifestyle to ensure that the treatment plan meets your circumstances and outcome is positive. This is why our team carefully listens to every detail you provide during two-way communication. With personalized individual care, we ensure to provide the highest care and support throughout your journey in what may be the most emotional time of your life.

Affordable Cost

Sishu Fertility Clinic believes every individual or couple deserves access to high-quality fertility care. That is why we ensure to offer the best care at an affordable cost for everyone.  

In Nepal, there is a trend of patients going abroad for high-level treatment, which can be highly expensive. We offer international-level infertility treatment services to patients in Nepal at a much lower cost. With this, we believe to contribute to Nepalese commitment by ensuring the best quality treatment at the lowest cost possible. 

We work closely with each patient to offer personalized treatments which are effective as well as affordable. You can expect transparent pricing and cost estimates throughout the treatment journey with us.  

Technologies & Facilities

At Sishu Fertility Clinic, we understand that infertility can be a stressful and emotional journey for you. We design and build facilities in a way that ensures comfort, ease, and peace of mind for our patients. You can expect cleanliness and comfort every time you visit us. Moreover, the modern laboratory facilities and waiting halls ensure that you feel supported throughout your visit and treatment procedure with us.  

Also, we ensure that you do not have to go through any difficulties to book an appointment with us. You can easily schedule appointments over phone calls or through different social media platforms. Also, you can just simply access our official website and facilitate an appointment.  

Our clinic is equipped with the latest equipment for Laser-Assisted hatching, Andrology services, IUI, ICSI, and IVF services. Additionally, our clinic includes different state-of-the-art technologies including Hysterosalpingography, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Embryoscope, PGS, ERA, and advanced ultrasound machines. All these modern technologies ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment for successful outcomes.