Sishu Fertility Clinic

Ms. Surakshya Nepali

Ms. Surakshya Nepali is a dedicated Lab Technician who is committed to ensuring that patients receive the best possible care at Sishu Fertility Clinic. With her expertise in handling lab samples and reports, she has been instrumental in maintaining the high standards of service that the clinic is known for.

Surakshya takes pride in her work and pays close attention to detail. She understands the importance of accurate lab reports and ensures that all samples are handled carefully and with precision. She works tirelessly to maintain the quality of the lab services and ensure that patients receive their reports in a timely manner.

Apart from her work, Surakshya loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys exploring new places and trying new cuisines. Her passion for life and positive attitude shine through in her work at the clinic.

In her role as a Lab Technician, Surakshya is responsible for collecting and analyzing lab samples, generating reports, and ensuring that all lab equipment is properly maintained. Her dedication to her work has made her a valuable member of the Sishu team.

Overall, Surakshya is a hardworking and compassionate individual who is committed to providing patients with the highest level of care. Her expertise and dedication have helped ensure that Sishu Fertility Clinic continues to be a leader in fertility care and lab services.