Sishu Fertility Clinic


Sishu Fertility Clinic offers a fertility service for couples struggling to conceive a baby since 2022. Our clinic diagnoses infertility problems and provides personalized treatment solutions for all individuals.  

Our Purpose

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience parenthood, and our purpose is to help people overcome their infertility challenges. Infertility can be difficult and emotional, but we are committed to our patients with the care, support, and resources. Sishu Fertility Clinic closely work with the patients, and identifies infertility issues and provide best treatment plan.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer  patient-centered care to all individuals and couples looking to conceive a baby. Expanding our capabilities, we are committed to reaching more people and creating an impact to break the Taboo surrounding fertility.  

Sishu Fertility Clinic’s mission is to offer patient’s advance fertility treatment option  with highest standard of care.

Sishu’s team of fertility specialist is comited to presenting the best possible care and treatment for infertility.


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Our Vision

at Sishu, Our vision is to become one of the best fertility clinic and IVF center in Nepal for high service standard, best ethical practices and community engagement.

We help individuals and couples overcome infertility and achieve their dream of starting a family with access to advance reproductive technologies and treatment. Healthcare is more than just offering healthcare services to people.  we are creating a positive impact community and building a supportive environment.

Sishu fertility clinic is committed to the best ethical practices with a vision to implement corporate social responsibility  and ambitions to serve the community and  change peoples lives.

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